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Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted on my blog. I have been working on something interesting which I will reveal in due course. In the meantime, I have been getting some messages from people who want to know where they can get Twisted in a Positive Way so I have decided to write this post to list out the current places (including Amazon) where the book is can be purchased. This list will be updated as more book stores/channels get added.


My website



http://myBook.to/TIAPW (universal link which links you directly to a corresponding amazon site based on your location)






Okada Books






Terrakulture: Plot 1376, Tiamiyu Savage, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Glendora International Ltd: Ikeja City Mall, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

The Hub Media Store: 1st Floor, The Palm Shopping Mall, Lekki, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Patabah Bookstore: Shop B18 Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall, Surulere Lagos, Nigeria


Cube Café: 10 Nile Street Maitama, Abuja Nigeria

Thomas and Ray: 3 Bria Street Maitama, Abuja Nigeria

More to be added…

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Change: The Only Constant Thing.


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At around 5.40 am on Friday, my internal alarm clock woke me up. As i stretched and proceeded to have the usual internal argument with myself as to whether to go back to bed for another 20 minutes, my hands stretched to the left side of my bed and my fingers felt and grabbed my phone. The lights of the phone  came on after a few uncoordinated swipes and I proceeded to wait the one or two seconds it usually took for my eyes to adjust to what I was looking at. Vision all cleared up, I was looking at a push notification from The Guardian News: Britain had voted to leave the European Union.

What followed was a mixture of instant panic and sheer disbelief and as you can imagine, any hope of going back to bed withered away like darkness flees in the sight of light as I tried to comprehend how anyone would have imagined that this was a good idea. A part of me wondered whether I was dreaming and I blinked twice – just in case.

As the minutes quickly  turned to hours, it was clear that this was not a drill and the people had chosen.

I immediately took to twitter to spell out what my understanding of the implications of the whole thing was and to my comfort my thinking was not far from what thought leaders and other entrepreneurs were thinking: “We have got a real shit show on our hands mate” .

As 12 noon rolled on, it became clear that all plans of achieving anything remotely fruitful were a mere wish, i stumbled upon the quote from Heraclitus which i had created earlier in the week to post on my Instagram and Facebook fan page.

Reading it gave me some peace and i managed to have a few laughs at the entire situation.

It is still not clear what Britain’s future in the European Union is, I hear there are calls for another referendum. (I am yet to see how feasible that would be).

What is clear to me however, is that there needs to be a real change in the way political messages are passed on to the ordinary man or woman. All these cunning untruths and smart play on people’s inclination towards xenophobia are not necesary, neither are they helpful in the grand scheme of things because in the end, your children and their children would be forced to live with the consequences of whatever decision you make and a secluded Britain or England (I hear that Nicola Sturgeon is planning a new Scottish Referendum) would not help anyone.

Another thing is clear: we need to read more and not just ‘vote with our hearts’ or ‘take our country back’ especially when that country no longer has the luxury of colonies serving it, as it did in the past. Surely, if your heart tells you that a shark looks pleasing enough to swim with you would immediately ignore it and proceed to put as much distance between you and the shark, as possible. So why ‘vote with your heart’ on something as key as this without reading up properly or even easier, asking the right questions to the key messengers?

I am not a political analyst and l hardly write post related to politics but this one got me really riled up and I hope it is sorted out soon.

While it is being sorted out, this situation presents the perfect opportunity for emerging economies to get their act together and flourish.

In the end, I believe we will all be fine.

I hope you have a pleasant Sunday and an even more pleasant week ahead.


Watch this…I mean it, watch this.


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I watched this yesterday and thought it was the most mind-blowing talk I have watched so far. It is a Super Soul Session talk by Dr Shefali Tsabary on childhood and conscious parenting.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

[Video] Interview with Nigerian Author Chikamso Efobi


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Hi Everyone,
I had the privilege to be interviewed by Jamie Timmons from Matters of My Heart. It was a lovely chat and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Video is on my Amazon author page below:



Good thing, bad thing…who knows?


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Fairly recently, a friend of mine was involved in a collision with a skater who appeared out of the other side of the road and rammed into his car. He was on his way to an important meeting and was just out of his base when the incident happened.

Understandably, he was thoroughly upset by the incident especially as the collision meant that he could not continue on his way because the scene needed to be accessed by the traffic police and the ambulance service also had to be called in, to make sure that the skater guy was not injured internally.

When you factor in the fact that the collision was by no means my friend’s fault, then one would understand his frustration and anger especially as the impact left a dent on his car, caused him to lose the side mirror of his car and ultimately led to him missing the important meeting.

When I heard this story – some time later, my mind immediately flashed back to the following story which I found on LinkedIn. It goes like this:

“A man and his teenage son lived in a beautiful valley.  They were very happy, but they were also dirt poor, and the man got tired of living in poverty. 

He decided to go entrepreneurial and become rich by breeding horses.  He borrowed heavily from his neighbors and bought a stallion.  He kept it in a paddock and the very day he bought it, the stallion kicked the top bar loose and vanished.

The neighbors flocked around to commiserate. “You were going to become a rich man,” They said.  “But now your stallion has run away and you still owe us money.  How sad.” And there may have been some schadenfreude in their sympathy.

The man shrugged his shoulders and said, “Good thing, bad thing…Who knows?”

The stallion fell in with a bunch of wild horses, and the man spied them in a valley close by.  He was able to entice them into his paddock, which he had repaired.  So he now had his stallion back, plus a dozen horses.  That made him a rich man by the standards of that village.

The neighbors clustered around again, and there was a tinge of envy as they congratulated him.  “We thought you were destitute but fortune has smiled on you.” they said.  “You are already a rich man.”

The man shrugged his shoulders and said, “Good thing, bad thing…who knows?”

The man and his son started to break the horses so they could sell them, one of them threw the man’s son and stomped on his leg.  It broke and healed crooked.

Again the neighbors came.  “He was such a fine young lad,” they said.  “Now he will never be able to find a girl to marry.”

The man shrugged his shoulders and said, “Good thing, bad thing…Who knows?

And that very summer, the king of the country declared war on a neighbor, and press gangs moved through the villages rounding up all the able-bodied young men. They spared the man’s son because he had a game leg.

There were tears in their eyes as the neighbors lamented, “We don’t know if we will ever see our sons again.  You are so fortunate—you still have your son with you.”

The man shrugged his shoulders and said, “Good thing, bad thing…Who knows?”

So my friend missed his meeting, his car got dented and he lost his passenger side mirror in the process. On the plus side, the skater guy did not die, the collision was not worse and the meeting was ultimately rescheduled. Hopefully, the skater guy has learnt how close he was to meeting his maker and not pop into a busy road willy nilly in future.

The truth is that Life does not turn out the way we want it to.  It also does not not turn out exactly the way we want it to either.  Not all the time anyway. It turns out the way it is and the sooner we realise this, the less stress we would generally carry around.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that you enjoy the rest of your week.





A saint in heaven by Paulo Coelho


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‘Why is it that some people can resolve the most complicated problems really easily, whilst others agonize over every tiny crisis and end up drowning in a glass of water?’ I asked.

Ramesh replied by telling the following story:

Once upon a time, there was a man who had been the soul of kindness all his life.
When he died, everyone assumed that he would go straight to Heaven, for the only possible place for a good man like him was Paradise.

The man wasn’t particularly bothered about going to Heaven, but that was where he went.
Now in those days, service in heaven was not all that it might be.

The reception desk was extremely inefficient, and the girl who received him gave only a cursory glance through the index cards before her and when she couldn’t find the man’s name, she sent him straight to Hell.

And in Hell no one asks to check your badge or your invitation, for anyone who turns up is invited in. The man entered and stayed.

Some days later, Lucifer stormed up to the gates of Heaven to demand an explanation from St Peter.

“What you’re doing is pure terrorism!” he said. “You sent that man down into Hell, and he’s completely undermining me! Right from the start, there he was listening to people, looking them in the eye, talking to them.
“And now everyone’s sharing their feelings and hugging and kissing. That’s not the sort of thing I want in Hell! Please, let him into Heaven!’

When Ramesh had finished telling the story, he looked at me fondly and said:

‘Live your life with so much love in your heart that if, by mistake, you were sent to Hell, the Devil himself would deliver you up to Paradise.’

Story written by Paulo Coelho: http://paulocoelhoblog.com/2016/04/11/a-saint-in-the-wrong-place/

Image credit: aforgrave.ca

Book Review: Twisted in a Positive Way


Review by Rebecca Markus

Twisted in a Positive Way is a charming novel by UK author Chikamso Efobi. I love a good coming-of-age story and this one doesn’t disappoint. The story follows Adaugo, a young Nigerian girl on the brink of big life changes. She comes from a large and happy family who encourage her to strive for success.

When Adaugo is ten she leaves home for boarding school. That’s when she discovers a voice inside her that helps guide her through these difficult new experiences.

As an adult Adaugo is expected to conform to cultural standards. She has a job, lives in her father’s house, and is supposed to be finding a husband. But she knows that she wants something more for herself. She realizes that she has to stop caring about the opinions of others and take a chance on her future.

Twisted in a Positive Way is elegantly written. I felt the nervous excitement of Adaugo as she left home as a little girl and the heartbreak when she struggled through the trials of growing up away from her family. The contrasts of Adaugo’s world to my own are what kept me glued to the story.

Chikamso Efobi has painted a stunning picture of Nigerian culture. I loved that this book took me into a world that’s completely unfamiliar to me. By her use of dialogue, the reader is immersed in the language and culture of Nigeria. I could hear the voices and inflections of the characters in my head. Efobi explained her style to me:

“I wrote the story to reflect the local Nigerian expressions. Translations of most of the expressions are written immediately after, so as not to lose people who are not very familiar with how Nigerians speak in an informal setting. Nigeria has over 52 languages and it is not uncommon to find the average Nigerian inserting words from various languages into one sentence. There is also a lot of animation when we speak, that’s why you may see the odd ‘o’ here and there.”

If you’re looking for something beyond the same old story, Twisted in a Positive Way is definitely a novel of substance. This book will inspire you to strive for the things you’re told you can’t have. If not, well your life must already be pretty awesome.

Twisted in a Positive Way is on a 3-day sale for £0.99 (75% off) on Amazon UK for a limited time between 31 March and 02 April 2016. Click here to grab your kindle copy

Check out the original review at Nevermind the Furthermore

A Lesson from my orchid


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I hope you are having a restful weekend.
Today’s post was inspired by my little orchid. (Read another lesson from the orchid here)

6 weeks ago, I was wondering what was happening to my orchid plant. A bit of background info: i have very little experience with orchids and growing plants in general. So to me, this little plant looked dry and dead (picture on the left). Looking at it, I contemplated throwing it in the bin because to my untrained eye, the plant was simply done.

However, I followed my gut to keep feeding and watering, just to see what would happen. Two weeks ago, to my surprise and relief, the first sign of a flower appeared. Now it looks beautiful (picture on the right).

I believe that this same principle could apply to life as we know it. You may be reading this and wondering when your efforts towards a particular venture or job would start paying off. You may have sunk in a lot of money, made so many calls…with nothing to show for it.

If you are convinced that you are on the right path, follow your convictions and continue to push and who knows, with time, just like my little orchid, your efforts could pay off.

Now, in hindsight, I can now see that in the picture on the left, there were little bubs which to someone who had more experience with plants, would have meant that the orchid really was not dead (or dying). But, isn’t this the whole point? Sometimes what you see does not necessarily reflect reality.

If you enjoyed reading this, and you know someone who may benefit from reading this message, please feel free to share this with them.

Peace and love to you and yours 🙂

The Guest House – a poem by Rumi


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The guest house

Happy “hump day” to every one. I hope everyone has had a good week so far.

For people who know me or have been following my personal posts on this blog, you would know that in addition to being a book addict, I am also a bit of a music junkie.

On Sunday night, I came across a Facebook video which was posted by a pilot friend of mine, who has a habit of posting videos of himself driving to work. So I played this particular video and there was this song playing in the background which I instantly liked. I started to type a comment to find out what the title of the song was, when I remembered that I could “Shazam it”.

I instantly opened the app, and found out that the song was, “A Head Full Of Dreams” from Coldplay’s new album. Within five minutes, I had downloaded the entire album on Spotify and I haven’t stopped playing the album since then. Now, I listen to it every chance I get.

One of my favorite songs from the album is a short song titled, “Kaleidoscope” which begins with the voice of a man reciting some words, and is then followed by the voice of another man singing “Amazing Grace”. Naturally, I became curious and wanted to find out what the man was saying, so I consulted Google. To my utmost surprise, the man singing was none other, than President Barack Obama.

I also found out that the words were an excerpt from a beautiful poem by Rumi (above). I hope you find it as insightful as I did.

Enjoy the rest of your week.



Image credit: http://genius.com/Coldplay-colour-spectrum-lyrics