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Hello and Happy New Year. I know I am more than a bit late considering that we are almost half-way into January but like they say, better late than never aye? I hope you all had awesome Christmas breaks if you can still remember it, lol!

I have some exciting news from this end. I have been working really hard on my next book which is scheduled to be published in July this year so I have become a bit of a night owl to meet this deadline.

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Okay, over to today’s post:

I have spent a lot of time thinking about the habits that differentiate successful people from regular people. What do they do that gives them the extra edge over the rest of us? My search has led me to listen to a number of interviews featuring some people I really admire. It was through this search that I stumbled upon an article written by By Samantha Thornhill which lists 20 daily rituals of the most badass women. It is important to point out that even though this post refers to badass women, the rituals are not limited to only females and can be practised by anyone despite their gender. I have listed 10 of them below: Ps:  I liked number 7 the most.

1. Watch the sunrise

Not literally, but maybe. Most successful women are up by 6 a.m. Business leaders are said to accomplish more in those early hours than the average person does in days. This means getting to bed early too, since sleep deprivation went out of style along with shoulder pads.


2. Have gratitude

We so easily forget what a miracle it is to be alive. Let each day birth you into a state of gratitude for the day ahead, and give thanks for everything that you have.

3. Imbibe

Coffee, green juice, green tea, rooibos, chai, smoothies, hot chocolate, water with lemon, wine, whatever. Without exception, every badass woman alive begins or ends her day with a drink. (I personally drink green tea. It tastes absolutely yucky but it is filled with anti-oxidants which are very good for you.)

4. To-do list, check

Walking through the day in your mind or writing a list of things you hope to accomplish is incredibly centering, and it’s so gratifying to cross things off as you go along (I can vouch for this one. It truly works wonders).

5. Be mindful

Artist and social entrepreneur Rha Goddess tells “Gala” that she sees personal transformation everywhere: “In every interaction. Every conversation. Every intention. If we’re awake we recognize we have the opportunity – every single moment of the day – to heal, transform or affirm something about the truth of who we are, and what we say is important,” she states.

6. Just like water

Swim. Drink eight glasses. Splash it on your face. Dunk your weary bones in a full tub with Epsom salts. Have an ongoing love affair with our world’s most precious resource.

7. Position yourself

Arianna Huffington, who champions 7-8 hours of sleep a night, wouldn’t be much good to anybody if she didn’t poise herself for the bustling day ahead. She tells Soulcyle: “A big part of my morning ritual is about what I don’t do: when I wake up, I don’t start the day by looking at my smartphone. Instead, once I’m awake, I take a minute to breathe deeply, be grateful, and set my intention for the day. ” (Awesome right?)

8 Get energetic

Most of us will not spend two hours a day working out like Gwyneth Paltrow, but no matter when we get it in, anywhere between 15-45 minutes of exercise a day releases stress and clears the dome…and let’s not forget to stretch! The world’s most successful women get their best ideas during exercise or right after.

9. Be promiscuous with books

According to the “Los Angeles Times,” reading on your cell phone or iPad before bed can affect sleep habits by sending signals to the brain to stay alert. Lena Dunham says she keeps a stack of books by the bed. Fall asleep reading.


10. Plug out

If you are the type to fall asleep face first on a glowing screen, it’s good for the soul to plug out sometime—even if it’s just to put your phone to bed along with you.

I hope you enjoyed reading through the list and picked up some tips from it. Which of them did you find that you already practice and which ones you plan to take up? To read the full list from femde.com, click here

Culled from: http://www.femde.com/article/30758194/20-daily-rituals-of-the-most-badass-women

Image credit: http://www.algemeiner.com/