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“In order for something to become
your reality, you must first recognise it” – The Principle of Recognition

I felt I should start this squeeky new blog with a principle which constantly proves itself true, time and time again. I call it “The Principle of

Have you ever wondered why, right after you see an item say… a jacket, top or bag in a shop, you begin to see the item more often till you conclude that the item is common. Or you seem to start bumping into someone
more often right after you are introduced to the person. Did the person suddenly
start plying the same route right after you got introduced? you may wonder. Or,
you see a book you are intrigued by, and before you know it, that book seems to
be on every book stand you come across. This is the Principle of Recognition at work.
Recently, I saw the law work perfectly in my life; I recently decided to enrol into a driving school (a little late for that, I know). I did my due diligence by checking online for driving instructors. As I did more research, I found that anytime I was on my way home, there seemed to be more and more of driving instructor cars on the road. They just seemed to appear everywhere I went. It was amazing. Surely, these driving instructor cars could not have suddenly decided to start following me around. It is just the Principle of Recognition at work.

I have termed the Principle of Recognition as follows, “In order for something to become
your reality, you must first recognise it”. Most times answers to your questions are right around you, you just fail to see them because you have not recognised them. They have not been accepted into your consciousness. It is kind of like you are blindly groping around when the
solution is right there before your very eyes. When you finally do recognise it, you are so thrilled at how easy it was to solve the problem in the first place. All you need to do is to open your eyes and recognise it. I imagine that if the solutions were living things, they would be yelling, “I am right here, silly”

I also believe that the first human who made fire always had those stones and leaves all around him, but fire didn’t get invented until he/she realised the possibility that the stones and leaves could be used together to produce fire.

This is how the Principle of Recognition works with regards to life; Have a clear picture of what you want, hold that picture in your mind, and open your eyes ready to spot opportunities. Before you know it you will have experiences and meet people whose aim would seem to be to bring that clear picture which you have in your mind to reality.

Also remember to act as opportunities present themselves.

Thank you for reading and have a fulfilling weekend.

Image from http://wired.co.uk